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University of Pennsylvania Hosts Student Film Festival


Student Film Festival pic
Student Film Festival
Image: upenn.edu

As principal at Curate Entertainment, Ryan Ly builds on experience managing the television literary department at Creative Artists Agency. In preparation for his career, Ryan Ly studied English and film at the University of Pennsylvania.

To enhance the educational experience for cinema studies students, the University of Pennsylvania hosts the annual Penn Student Film Festival, held at the New College House on campus. The event, including a red-carpet gala, surf-and-turf dinner, and popcorn, screens the films of eight finalists, chosen from 24 entries across a variety of genres. Students often have play different roles, such as director or actor, in multiple films.

Touching on topics familiar to college students, the 2018 Penn Student Film Festival entries included “Coffee Break,” which won first place. Produced by UPenn senior Amanda Prager, a double major in cinema and media studies, and English, the comedy depicts a man breaking up with his girlfriend in a coffee shop through the lens of a surreal dream.