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Season Two of Making a Murderer Focuses on Attorney Kathleen Zellner


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Making a Murderer
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Named one of the Hollywood Reporter’s 35 under 35 agents or executives, Ryan Ly currently serves as a principal at Curate Entertainment. In his previous position at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Ryan Ly was responsible for signing literary talent for hit television series, such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Making a Murderer.

Making a Murderer is a Netflix original documentary series that follows the true story of Steven Avery, a man who is in prison for murder but who maintains his innocence. The second season, which debuted in October 2018, is focused on the work Avery’s defense attorney, Kathleen Zellner, has been doing since 2016 to clear her client’s name.

While Season Two ended with Avery still in prison and his request for a retrial denied by a judge, Zellner remains undeterred, saying they are at the start of Avery’s fight for freedom. The next step is appealing the most recent judgment against a new trial that could potentially overturn Avery’s conviction.

Making a Murderer to Start New Season


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Making a Murderer
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Formerly a partner at Creative Artists Agency LLC in Los Angeles, Ryan Ly is, among other things, a fast-rising television literary agent. Ryan Ly has helped to realize popular TV series such as AMC’s Better Call Saul and Netflix’s Making a Murderer.

Fans of Making a Murderer will be glad to know that a new season will debut late in 2018. First aired in 2015, Making a Murderer is a documentary about an ongoing criminal case. In the intervening years, there have been new developments in the case, and that new material will be presented in the new season.

The case focuses on Steven Avery from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, who was accused and convicted of the sexual assault of Penny Beerntsen in 1985. After serving 18 years in prison, Avery still maintained his innocence. With legal assistance from The Innocence Project, he was ultimately exonerated by DNA evidence that proved another man, Gregory Allen, was the perpetrator. While in the process of suing the County for damages for his wrongful conviction, Avery was charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach, a photographer who visited his workplace.

Making A Murderer – Hit Television Series Looks at U.S. Justice System

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Making A Murderer
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Ryan Ly is a respected Los Angeles entertainment agent with a focus on the television industry. Having worked with Creative Artists Agency leading its television literary department, Ryan Ly has successfully identified trends and facilitated the sales of series such as Better Call Saul (AMC) and Making A Murderer (Netflix).

The latter show premiered in late 2015 and focused on the true-crime case of Steven Avery, who was sent to prison in Wisconsin in 1985 at age 22 on a rape charge. Nearly two decades later, DNA evidence proved his assertions of innocence and Avery was released, but the subsequent murder of photographer Teresa Halbach put him behind bars, this time for life, in 2007.

With filming beginning in 2005, the case presented a unique opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at how the U.S. justice system works and the potential for evidence against those charged with serious violent crimes to be mishandled. Since legislative reforms and DNA testing improvements had recently been instituted, a question was whether these changes had improved the system.

With Avery claiming innocence and appealing the case, a change.org petition requesting his release received several hundred thousand signatures following Making A Murderer’s successful broadcast. In early 2018, the Emmy-nominated series received a makeover, with “Convicting a Murderer” shopped to distributors as a program that would present a different perspective on the case and present more incriminating evidence.