Breaking Bad Delivered Satisfying Final Episode

 Breaking Bad pic
Breaking Bad

A distinguished television literary agent, Ryan Ly serves as principal at Curate Entertainment in Los Angeles. Before founding Curate, Ryan Ly was the head of the television literary department at Creative Artists Agency, where he signed talent for popular series including Breaking Bad.

Most Breaking Bad fans hail the final episode of the series as a pinnacle achievement for the show. After witnessing the moral and ethical downfall of lead character Walter White, fans get to watch White find redemption as he makes peace with his estranged wife and dies on his own terms, after shielding former mentee Jesse Pinkman from bullets and saving his life.

The final episode, titled “Felina,” also satisfied fans wondering how White would deal with leaving his drug-money fortune to his family without attracting the attention of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Ultimately, White goes to the home of his estranged business partners, not to exact revenge but to force the couple to channel his money to his family after his anticipated demise.

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