How to Get Your First Job in Hollywood


Ryan Ly
Ryan Ly

A Los Angeles-based television literary agent, Ryan Ly currently serves as a principal at Curate Entertainment. With experience managing a portfolio of over 50 high-profile clients, Ryan Ly has signed talent for several successful television series, including the Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, and Making a Murderer.

One of the unwritten rules in Hollywood is that you have to work your way up from the mailroom. Aspiring agents, even those with impressive resumes and educational backgrounds, often start in low-level administrative positions or in the mailroom of an entertainment agency. The ones who have talent and who are good at networking tend to rise through the ranks as they get opportunities to help with projects or fill in for agent assistants who are on vacation.

Taking a low-level position at an agency is one of the best ways to break into other jobs in the business. For instance, previous experience working at an agency is typically a prerequisite for employment with many networks, studios, and producers because they only want to hire people who already have knowledge of the industry and have made personal contacts.

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